Segovia is a picture perfect post-card. This fairytale-like city is built on a large craggy limestone escarpment over 1,000 metres above sea level. Over centuries the spires of Segovia have seen the passage of Celtiberians, Visigoths, Arabs, Jews, and of course the Romans…. a civilization who left their legacy in this Castile and Leon city.

Segovia is home to a rich history, the aqueduct is one of its most emblematic monuments ….but all four corners of the city have their own story to tell. Curiosities offer us a brief insight into what life was like in this colourful city.

The visitor will be brought closer to a variety of artistic expressions, techniques and decorative customs which are now representative of this city…expressions which once looked on as Mudéjars lived in a multi-cultural Segovia. Judaism also called these lands home, as one of the most important Jewish communities in the Castile Leon region was born here.

The visitor can feel the pulse of Segovia in the city’s main square. The buildings gaze up to the sky, where the cathedral’s pinnacles can be viewed against the backdrop of a unique crystal clear light which painters from all over Spain try to translate to their canvases.

The Cathedral is regarded as the Dame or Lady of Cathedrals, a title that warrants the visitor to take a short pause from our journey to spend some time to discover this treasure…. a jewel made out of limestone which captured the hearts of Spanish poets Antonio Machado and Camilo Jose Cela.

The coldest and windiest street of Segovia leads us to the Alcazar, a ship moored between the Clamores and Eresma rivers. Once a prison, a Royal Artillery School, a science centre ... a real-life castle…. yet at the same time a castle out of a fairy tale, the Alcázar offers us spectacular views of the fertile and lush surroundings.

From this point, the shrine of the city's patron saint, the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Fuencisla will bid us farewell, but not without firstly commending us to the main pleasures offered by the local gastronomy, Segovia’s famous roasted dishes and large selection of ‘Segovian style’ cooked beans. Welcome to a city which boasts of history, architecture, literature and excellent cuisine.