Located in a busy navigation point, Ibiza has always been the destination and port of call for those sailing to the strait and the east. Strategically situated in the Mediterranean, Ibiza offers culture, art and nature accessible to everyone. Declared World Heritage Site in 1999, it welcomes us with scenes such as this… The portal de Ses Taules (the Ses Taules gate) takes us into the the medieval town with its unique stone floor, a path that leads to La Plaza de Vila (la Vila square), guarded by a statue of a robed Roman watching over the "agora". For years this was the nerve centre of the walled town, where every week the market was held.

Located in the cathedral square, the Archaeological Museum looks over the historical past of Ibiza and Formentera with its prehistoric Punic, Roman and Islamic collections. We can find amulets, jewelry and Phoenician pottery of unique beauty as well as numerous reproductions of Ibiza bronze coins. A few feet away is the town’s majestic Cathedral, which once was a Roman temple and a Muslim mosque. Inside, bright as few others, we can watch the lying Christ, which every Easter is brought out for the procession, as well as beautiful paintings of the joyful mystery scenes of the Annunciation, the birth of Christ or the Kings....

Ibiza Renaissance walls are among the best preserved fortifications with bastions from the sixteenth century. San Jaume is one of the seven bastions of the wall, and from above could defeat the enemy with rifle or cannon fire. Inside, a museum exhibits the military technology of between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

From these ramparts we can watch the distinctive colour of Ibiza´s waters. A turquoise blue created by the extensive Posidonia meadows, a marine plant that purifies the water, located in the Ses Salines nature reserve, declared World Heritage due to the richness of its sea bed. Not any less spectacular are its beaches. Talamanca beach is one of those. It is the closest beach to the town and stretches 900 metres where you can enjoy the sun. After a swim there is no better way to explore the island than enjoying its cuisine, country salad, abanda rice or desserts such as greixonera or flaó will delight the most discerning palates.

Another of the hallmarks of Ibiza is, without doubt, its fashion, in Bartolomé Rosselló we can find internationally renowned clothing retailers and much more exclusive stores. Much more traditional is the area of the marina with its shops and particular character, such as this one, with more than 100 years history...

To talking about Ibiza is to talk about Ad-lib fashion, also known as Ibiza´s fashion. It represents freedom and the spirit of the island. The typical designs are inspired on Ibizan dresses and are also influenced by the hippie movement that settled here some years ago.

By nightfall Ibiza has another side. The Parque Square with its pleasant outdoor terraces offers the visitor a place for a relaxed chat on an island that can adapt to all tastes and needs. So sit back and enjoy.