Modernist Tarragona

Tarragona is also a cradle of modernism, elegant and refined. One such example is Castellarnau House, which contains the Museum of the History of Tarragona, where you can observe baroque objects and neoclassical chambers of great beauty. Chandeliers, clock collections and frescoes with mythological scenes provide a particular charm to this place. Among the striking features, a replica of Franz Joseph of Austria’s bedroom stands out. A beautiful garden sparks a romantic tone in Canals House, a building with a spectacular ballroom... We cannot leave this place without visiting the oriental hall with its perfectly preserved furniture and unique drawings on the walls. Once you are here, it is worth climbing to the balcony. It gives us views such as this.... The Metropol theater has little to do with any performance space that we may have seen thus far. Waves, keel fish and boats intermingle with the theatre’s structure, which manages to blend these elements with numerous religious symbols represented by a number of “Ms” distributed across the rooms, an "M" in honour of Mary, the Virgin, for whom Josep Maria Jujol, architect of this theatre, is a great devotee. Tarragona's main avenue, the Rambla Nova, is a museum in itself. It has the greatest concentration of modernist buildings in this city. There is nothing better than a walk in its broad avenue to enjoy sights such as this: The Teresianas convent, Dr. Aleu´s house or Musolas´ house ... The Quinta de San Rafael has 366 square meters distributed on two floors. Set in the City Park, where trees and shrubs coexist with Tarragona’s inhabitants creating a symbiosis that makes this, one of the most charming sites of this city. So at this point sit back and enjoy.