Surrounded by Water

Surrounded by water, Segovia is a portrait of a fertile and green land that has very little to do with the dry and barren image many travellers have of the Castile Region. From the Eresma river, which for many years was the source of power behind local industries, and the source of water for fertile lands, we can bask at one of the most stunning views of Segovia. This landscape can also be enjoyed from the ‘mirador’ located at the foot of the Fuencisla church.

A few feet away lies the Carmelitas Descalzos Monastery which welcomes visitors with verses of San. Juan de la Cruz (St John of the Cross)

Her remains rest in this beautiful and unique monastery, whose modern interior will not leave visitors unmoved. Mysterious temples are scattered around the city, for example Vera Cruz (True Cross), linked for many years to the Order of the Knights Templar.

This church offers us a construction hard to find in these times… a 12-sided exterior houses a unique two-storey gallery, where aspiring candidates for chivalric orders kept a nightly vigil. Legends and history intertwined under one roof.

No less surprising is the extraordinary beauty of the Parral Monastery…

Gardens, ponds, and fountains are the prelude to a relaxing place definitely a visit. The curious unfinished entrance to the monastery deserves a special mention. The construction of the ‘portada’ was left uncompleted due to lack of funding. The Monastery still retains its original charm, as one is almost transported back to the past when mass was sung in Gregorian chant.

Another jewel in Segovia’s heritage crown is the Saint Antonio el Real convent…. founded by Henry IV, the convent offers one of the best examples of a Mudéjar coffered ceiling in Segovia, as well as several examples of fifteenth-century Flemish art…. A must for visitors to this ‘green’ city.

The route by the same name grants visitors the opportunity to explore Segovia from the banks of its rivers. A pleasant walk immersed in nature, allotments, ancient bridges and lush vegetation which reflect the rich landscape of a vibrant city, but also a city where we can also enjoy peace and calm…