• cordoba


This was the first tavern in Cordoba to serve rabo de toro, (bull’s tail). More than 100 years old, the tavern was initially a bar where drinks could be consumed on the premises, or taken home in bottles which customers brought themselves. It was located in the piconeros (charcoal burners) neighbourhood, men who left home early to collect kindling from different trees for use in their furnaces. The old slaughterhouse was located a few metres from the tavern and offal (the kidneys for example) would be thrown out and then collected to be used in the kitchen. This is how the grandmother of the current owner, Señora Pura, began to cook bull’s tail. The poor ate at the bar while the upper class dined inside. The famous bullfighter Manolete was a frequent visitor to the tavern and had wine passed to him and his friends through a hatch in one of the private dining rooms to avoid betraying his presence on the premises. It was in this tavern that Concha Piquer sang in Spain for the last time before moving abroad. Word got out, the police arrived and she decided never to sing again in Spain, heading to exile in South America. Rabo de toro (bull’s tail) is the house specialty, along with bacalao rebozado, (battered cod), which they have been serving for 40 years.

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