Plaza del Conde de Priego

The Plaza del Conde de Priego holds the parish church, which is named after the neighbourhood and is the largest and most popular in Cordoba. It was founded by King Fernando III, “El Santo” (The Saint), after the conquest of the city. Construction began in the 13th century and lasted into the 14th. It is the oldest church in the city and dates back to the Visigoth period but was later rebuilt in the Isabelline style. Four buttresses on the west facade command the attention and give the church the appearance of a military fortress. Inside we find a Mudejar baptism chapel from the 15th century with its Gothic, Mudejar rose window standing out on the facade. A statue in honour of the bullfighter Manuel Rodriguéz “Manolete”, paid for by the local people, stands at the front of the church.