The Cuesta de Bailío once connected the upper part of the city (Medina) to the lower (Ajerquia), being one of the gateways which formed part of the old Roman wall. The Portillo de Corbacho (Corbach’s Gate), which once stood here, was demolished in 1711, opening up the hill and leaving it the very popular spot it is today. On the right as one climbs the hill a sea of bougainvillea spills over the wall of a Capuchin garden. Bailio was the name given to knights of the Order of San Juan, who earned this recognition by seniority or the special grace of a learned teacher. On the hill is a house with a plaque which reads, Ferdández de Còrdoba. This is an example of Cordoban architecture from the 16th to 18th centuries. A small alley to the right at the top of the hill leads us to the Plaza de los Capuchinos.