Afores Street, 8 (Constanti)

Located in the municipality of Constanti, 6 km from Tarragona the Roman town of Centcelles is undoubtedly a masterpiece of the Paleo-Christian era. Inside we can see one of the most beautiful mosaics of the Roman world (from the IV century AD). In the mosaic we can see different rows with scenes from the Old and New Testaments, hunting scenes, the seasons... We can distinguish, for example, the Autumn with its grapes and the Spring with the flowers. In a scene from the New Testament we can see Daniel in the lion pit. On the floor, under the dome, we find a crypt where Constantine may have been buried. We begin our tour through the museum with an audiovisual presentation that will help us understand the structure of the mausoleum, the scenes of this magnificent mosaic and will explain how was it discovered, since this place was used during centuries for farming. Outside we find a thermal complex and the place where pottery was manufactured.


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