The town hall is located in a parte which belonged to the Dominican convent. Inside we find the Rosary Chapel, patroness of the Army. We can also see the cemetery Christ. The original inscription dates from 1625, the year it was installed in the choir room. However, it was not seen to fit in well so it was stored in a room where a Moorish slave slept. Soon he began to complain that the image of Christ frightened him, so it was decided to place it in the friars’ cemetery, where the chapel is now to be found. The image could be seen from the port, and sailors expressed their devotion when sailing out to sea by sounding their horn, so the Christ would protect them during their journey. Such was the sailors’ fervour for the Christ that a chapel was built to honour it. Today, the Christ is strangely depicted wearing a skirt. Over 166 different coloured skirts have been donated by devout families. The present day image of the Holy Christ of the Cemetery dates from 1937 as the original one was burned by republican soldiers, according to the brotherhood. Nowadays many families take their newly baptized children to the image and many devotees pray to the Holy Christ asking for good health for themselves and their families. The Cementery Christ brotherhood is the oldest of the Balearic Islands, it dates from 1890.