Vila Square, is and has been for many years the centre of the walled city. In this square we find a basin that is today a meeting point for those coming to a place where we can find the statue of a toga clad Roman overlooking the agora. Until the construction of the Renaissance wall, the Vila Square stretched to the main gate of the medieval wall. For many years this was the venue of Ibiza´s market which was eventually moved outside the wall’s limits. These days the square houses a Muslim tower and many restaurants and shops, ranging from souvenirs to craftwork, making this a place worth visiting, during the day or night. A few metres away we find the bronze statue of the Ibiza canon and historian, Isidore Macabich. In 1913 his interest in history, led to his appointment as canon archivist, a position he held for many years and that allowed him to study thoroughly the Ibiza Cathedral archives, revealing a large part of the city’s history. It is worth pointing out that it is said the city had an autonomous government from the year 1235 to the seventeenth century, formed by those town dwellers who could read and write.